Tap Room Transformation

First impressions of the space that would become our Monzón home were, in a word, unpleasent. The floor was three different materials, including dirt, a massive sewage pipe was running from the upstairs through one floor to the excess water resevoir, the walls boasted an impressive array of multi-colored peeling paint, and there were no functioning lights. Perhaps it was our unrelenting optimism, or maybe it was the fumes coming from the sewage that were making us batty, but we envisioned the rectangular box being so much more than just concrete and walls. In four months we completely remodeled the space, knocking out walls, adding windows and stairs, building walls, and making the space our own. Our vision was to create a modern industrial space that was comfortable and featured our beautiful beer tanks front and center. We custom-designed 7 barrel tanks and they were shipped to us in a matter of months. World renouned Puerto Vallarta artist Adrian Takano lent his skills to create a massive mural behind the tanks. Gorgeous wood, tiles and a finished concrete floor added to our look. Working with our amazing welder, Mario, we designed tables, chairs and benches that are sleek and comfortable. Copper pipes on which warm-glowing LED lights are hung create a soft and welcoming ambiance. Chalkboard painted wood drilled in front of the kitchen and behind the bar allow us to easily update our specials on the boards. Then came the really fun part as we began designing our menus, testing recipes of both beer and food to ensure our beer and food is as tasty as in our dreams. In short, we worked to add a personal and thoughtful touch to every element of the Monzón experience and we are thrilled with the results. Don’t just take our word for it, come in and experience it for yourself!