Monzón Brewing Co: Our Story

It all started back in 2012 when we were two Seattle natives looking for a vacation spot to enjoy some tequila and sand. This was back in the days when Miranda was still legally a MacLaren and Reid’s facial hair was barely longer than stubble. Wandering the streets of Puerto Vallarta, enjoying the delicious food and befriending anyone we met, we fell in love with this wonderful city. We would dream about the idea of someday living in this tropical corner of the world, a dream that we would carry and build on for years to come.

Life has a funny way of twisting and turning and in 2014 we embraced the unknown and took an opportunity to move abroad to sunny, humid, beautiful, bustling… Mumbai, India. While it wasn’t Puerto Vallarta we deeply enjoyed our two years there. Bombay is where Reid’s love of beer grew from a spark to a full brewing flame as he began working at Mumbai’s first craft brewery. We took every opportunity we could afford to travel, visiting dozens of cities and many countries in India, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. In every city we noticed a trend: No matter where we were, beer had the power to unite people together in brewed happiness. It became our mission to find and visit local breweries.  Sadly, most cities did not have craft beer but instead people were drinking mass produced, bland, watered down and cheaply made lagers.

When it was time to move away from India we were not quite ready to move back to Seattle. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Northwest and our hometown, but we wanted more from life than working a nine to five for corporations that care mainly about lining their wallets or affording their CEO a shiny new boat. It was the perfect time to return to our fantasy of living in Puerto Vallarta to follow a new dream: create a company that makes delicious and unique beers, from interesting and fresh ingredients, brewed in an atmosphere that allows our customers to enjoy beer that is about more than just drinking.

And on August 4, 2017 our dream became a reality when we opened our doors for the first time. It’s been a journey of meeting great people, bonding over beer, and lots of hard work, sweat, laugher, and even the occasional bloodshed and tears. We are so grateful to our team and the incredible craft beer community we’ve found here in Vallarta. We would love to welcome you into our community and invite you to visit us at the taproom! At Monzón you’ll find interesting pints that will take you away from the blandness of mass produced beers, with every sip supporting local non profits, recycling, community partners, and farmers in the area.  We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we enjoy making it. Salud!