Meet The Monzón Family

Reid Mortimer, Co Founder, Yeast Whisperer, Head Brewer

Reid was lucky to grow up in a household where flavorless yellow fizzy water wasn’t considered beer. He had his first sip of craft beer (a raspberry wheat ale) when he was 5 years old and from that day on his fate was sealed; he was doomed to become a beer geek. After graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelors in sociology and for all intents and purposes, a minor in beer consumption, he set out on a series of odd jobs including automotive technician (no he won’t fix your car) and sales until a combination of love and fate moved him 7,000 miles away from home to Mumbai, India with his amazing wife Miranda. It only took a month or so in the barren craft beer landscape that is Mumbai for Reid to find a way to turn a homebrewing hobby into a career at Mumbai’s first craft brewery. Two years in Mumbai afforded Reid time to learn, experiment and hone his skills with a wide variety of beer styles from around the world. As well as recipe formulation and brewing Reid is also the guy in charge of the numbers and the one making it O.K. for you to call your craft beer addiction a “hobby.”


Miranda Mortimer, Co Founder, Beer Philosopher and Front House Cat Wrangler


After graduating from the University of Washington with the ever useful degree in philosophy, Miranda put her idealistic world views to test by joining the lucrative field of elementary teaching. For six years she enjoyed teaching 3rd-5th grade with her extremely supportive and handsome husband encouraging her every step of the way, joining her as she worked at progressive schools in Seattle, India and Mexico. She was thrilled when given the chance to join Reid and support him in pursuing his dream of opening his own brewery. Miranda is our social-media guru as well as the creative brains behind much of the branding of Monzón. You can find her at Monzón offering her favorite beers and chatting with the wonderful customers. Don’t let her smile fool you, she is also our designated bouncer and she is not afraid to use her teacher voice on anyone who has had one too many drinks and is acting like a child.

José Mendoza, Sales Manager, Stout Aficionado, Monzón Beer Pimp

José is a proud Mexican national who also has strong ties to the USA. After spending the first 3/4 of his life in city of Houston, Texas, destiny brought him to beautiful Puerto Vallarta. It was here that his taste and love for craft beers was born, especiallly for his favorite style, stouts. Destiny played a role again when one day he met two young adventurers who told him about their idea to start a craft brewery in Puerto Vallarta. He did not hesitate to declare his love for beer and as fate would have it, he was looking for a job when Reid and Miranda were looking for people to join our Monzón family. The proud first hire, José has been working at the brewery while we were still deep in construction. José patiently waited and helped push along the progress little by little while the dream of Monzón became a reality, helping in any way he could to keep operations running smoothly. José is truly a jack-of-all-trades, and he has lent his skills as handy-man, outside sales representative, coordinator, and so much more. When he is not busy at work enthusiastically juggling every task thrown his way, José can be found enjoying stouts, supporting his family, laughing with his beautiful girlfriend, and watching football.



Litzy Araceli Lopez, Kitchen Queen, Offical IPA Taste Tester


Litzy is our master of the kitchen who has earned her title after working with food her entire life. Family played an important and influential role in who she is. Growing up with two teachers for parents, Litzy was raised with the Mexican value of hard work and everyone in the family doing their part to help. Litzy’s job was cooking for her siblings and it was in her parent’s kitchen she developed a full passion for cooking fresh and delicious foods. Family is still everything for Litzy as she raises two beautiful children, Sofia and Cesar, continues to be close to her brothers, sister and parents, and is now a proud puppy owner to an adorable pug.  Outside of the kitchen, Litzy’s hobbies include drinking IPAs, eating sushi, watching humorous TV shows, and hanging out with her supportive boyfriend.

Lupa and Gabi, Snuggle Masters and Greeters

Lupa was born on the streets of Mexico before she rescued Reid and Miranda as a young puppy. She quickly became the alpha of the family, but don’t tell them that. At Monzón you can find her napping and taste testing kitchen recipes. Her hobbies include digging holes, protesting for love not hate, and chasing birds.

Gabi is the newest addition to the Mortimer family and Monzón team. She was born here in Puerto Vallarta and she carries the fun loving and friendly spirit of the city. Constantly interested in making new friends, Gabi’s favorite friends are the ones that feed her. Her job at Monzón is to greet people with boundless energy. When she’s not working her past times include long walks, ripping up paper, and giving kisses to everyone she meets.