Meet The Monzón Team

Reid Mortimer, Co Founder, Yeast Whisperer, Head Brewer

Reid was lucky to grow up in a household where flavorless yellow fizzy water wasn’t considered beer. He had his first sip of craft beer (a raspberry wheat ale) when he was 5 years old and from that day on his fate was sealed; he was doomed to become a beer geek. After graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelors in sociology and for all intents and purposes, a minor in beer consumption, he set out on a series of odd jobs including automotive technician (no he won’t fix your car) and sales until a combination of love and fate moved him 7,000 miles away from home to Mumbai, India with his amazing wife Miranda. It only took a month or so in the barren craft beer landscape that is Mumbai for Reid to find a way to turn a homebrewing hobby into a career at Mumbai’s first craft brewery. Two years in Mumbai afforded Reid time to learn, experiment and hone his skills with a wide variety of beer styles from around the world. As well as recipe formulation and brewing Reid is also the guy in charge of the numbers and the one making it O.K. for you to call your craft beer addiction a “hobby.”

 Miranda Mortimer, Co Founder, Beer Philosopher, Monzón Superwoman

After graduating from the University of Washington with the ever useful degree in philosophy, Miranda put her idealistic world views to test by joining the lucrative field of elementary teaching. For six years she enjoyed teaching 3rd-5th grade with her extremely supportive and handsome husband encouraging her every step of the way, joining her as she worked at progressive schools in Seattle, India and Mexico. She was thrilled when given the chance to work with Reid and pursue their dream of opening a brewery. Miranda is our social-media wizard as well as the creative brains behind the branding of Monzón. You won’t often find her on the floor at Monzón as she is usually staring at a computer, crunching numbers, writing menus, answering emails, working on the website… typing away to keep Monzón running. If you do meet her, don’t let her smile fool you: she is also our designated bouncer and is not afraid to use her teacher voice on anyone who has had one too many drinks and is acting like a child.

Rafa, Brewer, Beer Taste Tester

Rafa’s journey to craft beer glory is the stuff of legend…awesome now that we have your attention, let us tell you the real story. His love of craft beer was born in the happiest place on earth, aka Anaheim, CA. Although growing up and studying Psychology in Southern California was a dream in itself, he believed that there was more to this journey and knew that he eventually needed to return to his Mexican roots. Vallarta welcomed him with open arms and he quickly fell in love with the city. After becoming a regular at Monzón and as his thirst for beer and beer knowledge grew, he landed the gig of his dreams as Reid needed some help in the brewery and was willing to show Rafa the ropes. As with the rest of the staff at Monzón he is always ready to chat and greet you with a smile. You can either find him plowing away behind the scenes or casually doing “quality control” of beers behind the bar, you never really know with this guy.

Zalo, General Manager

Zalo has lived the life of a world adventurer and is continuing his adventure as Monzón’s General Manager. Born in Tijuana, Zalo moved to Las Vegas at the impressionable age of eleven. For six years he embraced Nevada life, visiting Venice Beach on the weekend, taking hikes in Red Rock canyon, and playing in a couple of rock bands. At 17 he wanted to see the world, so he spent the next three years exploring, moving to various cities in the US and Mexico before ending up in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. While on his various adventures he joined the service industry, first as a bartender where he learned to mix drinks and create cocktail recipes.  But working at a pub sparked his interest in craft beer, both national and international, fueling him to seek a job in the craft beer industry to learn even more about brewing. When he’s not working, his hobbies are spending time with his incredible six year old son Kennet, watching movies, bodysurfing, and hanging out with his boxer Misha. 

Yaiza, Kitchen Manager

Yaiza is a Vallarta native who also loves the country as her parents both grew up on ranches. She feels lucky to live in this wonderful city of incredible landscapes, rivers, sunsets, the arts scene and culture, and this beautiful community that keeps each other safe and supports each other. When working, she brings her heart and humor to the kitchen and she loves that Monzón cares about the people of Vallarta. When Yaiza’s not busy whipping up delicious dishes she is a homebody who likes to bake, write short stories, improvise rap, read philosophy, and tinker in her house and yard. And of course, dedicating her time to the most important people in her life, her two preschool aged children who are only a year apart, and her mom who sends her blessings from heaven.

Fernando, Shift Manager

Fernando was raised and lived most of his life in Minnesota, which will always have his heart as that is where he became a dad to two beautiful girls named Giselle and Hazel who are his whole world. It’s also where he learned about craft beer when landing a job as a bartender introduced him to his first IPA and it was love at first taste.  Five years ago, PV became his home and he originally got to know Monzón as a customer. Soon after, he joined the Monzón team and has worked here for over three years as it quickly became a second home and family. When he’s not joking around and having fun at work, Nando enjoys hiking, going to the beach, eating tacos, and of course – sharing beers with friends.

Lupa and Gabi, Snuggle Masters

Lupa was born on the streets of Mexico before she rescued Reid and Miranda as a teeny tiny puppy. Some kind of Chihuahau mix, her massive ears are the most distinct part of her appearance. You can find Lupa’s image on all the branding for our flagship Lupita IPA as it is named after her.  Her hobbies include digging holes, protesting for love not hate, and chasing birds.

Gabi was a street dog born here in Puerto Vallarta and she carries the fun loving and friendly spirit of the city. Lupa picked her out of a pack of rescued puppies and Gabi has been officially a Mortimer ever since. She’s had two beers named after her: our very first IPA, Cebeza de Cona (Conehead), which we brewed right after she’d gotten fixed and was in the cone of shame; and Hermanita (Little Sister) Session IPA. Gabi’s favorite things are long cuddles, ripping up paper, and giving kisses to everyone she meets.