Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with your name?

Monzón is Spanish for monsoon. It was in India, during the magnificent monsoon summer storm, that we were inspired with the idea to open our own brewery. Getting caught and drenched in the monsoon rains is a special memory from our time there. When it rains there is nothing better than heading indoors and grabbing a cold beer. Hence, Monzón was the perfect name for our brewery.

Why do you have guest taps if you think your beer is so good?

We do think our beer is good, and we hope you do too! The craft beer industry is dynamic and ever evolving, with numerous styles and flavors of beer to taste and enjoy.  As a small brewing company it would be impossible to brew enough beer to meet everyone’s taste preferences, so showcasing other craft beer is any easy way to add more variety at Monzón. Part of our mission is to support craft beer and Monzón supports other brewers in Mexico, many of whom do not have taprooms. Come in, try one of the rotating taps, enjoy different styles and feel good knowing you are supporting others in the Mexican craft beer industry to boot!

Why is your beer more expensive than others on the market?

At Monzón we’re committed to brewing extraordinary and intriguing beers, hand made with carefully selected malts, hops and yeast from all over the world as well as fresh seasonal locally sourced ingredients. We take pride in serving nothing but high quality full flavored beer that has little in common with its mass-produced commercial counterparts. Aside from getting better ingredients and more of them, when you choose Monzón you are also supporting environmentally sustainable business practices, fair wages and community enrichment through our partnerships with local farmers and non-profits. Go ahead, give us a try and taste the difference.

I love your beer but want to save money on my drinking hobby. What promotions do you offer?

We totally understanding being budget conscious, which is why we have designed a few programs that will help you save some dinero while enjoying our high quality brews.

  • Meatless Mondays: Half off one beer for every meatless entrée ordered, limit one discounted beer per entrée.
  • Tasty Tuesday, all day: Order a flight of 6 Monzón beers and get an imperial pint of your favorite brew on the house (limit one per customer), all day long.
  • Thirsty Thursday, all day: 25% off every pitcher ordered, unlimited, all day long.
  • Brewers Brunch, Sundays 11am-3pm: The perfect way to recover from Saturday night! 300 pesos for a set breakfast and all you can drink beer 7% ABV and lower during.
  • When it Rains, We Pour: Follow us on social media when it is raining to see when we start this promotion! 25% off all sizes of Monzón beer for two hours after we announce the promotion has started.
  • Kick the Keg: Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to find out when we need to get rid of beer for half off!

Are you dog friendly?

Monzón loves dogs! In fact, our own Mexican street dog, Lupa, is our mascot and the namesake for our Lupita IPA. Our second Mexican street dog, Gabi, is our cuddle champion and the namesake for our Cabeza de Cono IPA. Please bring your favorite friendly furry four-legged family member to the brewery with you but we ask that you keep them leashed.

What about kids? Are they allowed in the brewery?

Kids are welcome at Monzón but we ask that you please do not leash them. Be a responsible parent and make sure your kids are pleasant company for the rest of us, too. Also, please make sure the little ones are home before 9 PM. It’s past their bedtimes anyways.

What kind of food do you serve?

We strive to serve simple and delicious high quality food. Our chef, Litzy, works hard to create a menu that showcases local and seasonal food cooked in homemade Mexican style with some pub favorites for good measure. Everything is made from scratch, fresh with you order. 

What are Meatless Mondays?

We don’t want to get too preachy but many of our modern 21st century issues can be directly tied to the “western diet”. Did you know that meat production, or more specifically raising livestock to eat, is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases? Did you know that it also takes way more water to raise livestock than it does to grow high protein grains such as lentils? And, did you know that eating vegetarian can be extremely healthy and delicious? Ok, ok, we said we wouldn’t get preachy. The point is, we believe strongly in the good that can come from eating meatless and  we celebrate Meatless Mondays to encourage less meat consumption. For every meatless entrée ordered on Monday you can enjoy a half off your first beer. 

To find out more about the worldwide Meatless Monday movement check out:

But I’ve heard that Climate Change isn’t real!?

This isn’t even a question…But we’d be willing to dsicuss the facts over a beer. Regardless of your believes, we are committed to offsetting some of the impact Monzón has on the earth through as many measures as possible.

Why don’t you serve Coca-Cola or Pepsi Products?

Artisanal is at the heart of everything we do at Monzón: from our beer, to our decor, to our cocktails, everything is crafted with care using the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible. We are thrilled that we have found a local soda maker in Vallarta who cares about craft as much as we do: Bebrika Natural Sodas. By partnering with Bebrika, we offer high quality, all natural, super tasty sodas. Think local, drink local!

 I know a great non profit you should support. How can that organization be a part of Drops in the Bucket?

Fantastic! We love hearing about different organizations we should support. Shoot us an email at

Have more burning questions? We love to hear from you! Write to us at