Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with your name?

Monzón is Spanish for monsoon. It was in India, during the magnificent monsoon summer storms, that we were inspired with the idea to open our own brewery. Getting caught and drenched in the monsoon rains is a special memory from our time there. When it rains there is nothing better than heading indoors and grabbing a cold beer. Hence, Monzón was the perfect name for our brewery.

Are you dog friendly?

Monzón loves dogs! In fact, our own Mexican street dog, Lupa, is our mascot and the namesake for our Lupita IPA. Our second Mexican street dog, Gabi, is our cuddle champion and the namesake for our Hermanita Session IPA. Please feel free to bring your favorite friendly furry four-legged family member to the brewery with you but we ask that you keep them leashed.

What about kids? Are they allowed in the brewery?

Kids are welcome at Monzón but we ask that you please do not leash them. Make sure your kids are pleasant company for the rest of us, too. We have a kids menu available if your favorite young friend wants to eat or drink, but we ID anyone who wants an alcoholic drink and looks 18 or younger. 

What kind of food do you serve?

We strive to serve simple yet delicious high quality food. Our kitchen works hard to create a menu that showcases local and seasonal food cooked in homemade Mexican style with some pub favorites for good measure.  You can see what’s currently being cooked up at .

Why is your beer more expensive than others on the market?

At Monzón we’re committed to brewing intriguing beers, hand made with carefully selected malts, hops and yeast from all over the world as well as fresh seasonal locally sourced ingredients. We take pride in serving nothing but high quality full flavored beer that has little in common with its mass-produced commercial counterparts. Aside from getting better ingredients and more of them, when you choose Monzón you are also supporting environmentally sustainable business practices, fair wages and community enrichment through our partnerships with local farmers and non-profits. Go ahead, give us a try and taste the difference.

Can I get a free sample/taster/splash of your beer?

We often get asked why we don’t do free “tasters” or “samples” of our beers. The truth is, we know that a splash of beer isn’t enough. You simply cannot taste the complexity of a beer with just a splash.  Our brewers spend countless hours obsessing over the smallest details of a beer to make sure they are balanced, the carbonation is correct, and the flavor profile is what we want, especially as a beer warms (since we serve all of our beers colder than recommended to account for the ambient temperature). We feel that a sample of beer should give you the opportunity to get acquainted with it and that 148ml (5oz) sample is about the right size to do just that. We stand by our beer 100% and take pride in brewing high quality beer. Charging for a sample is not us trying to make “extra” money, is it us valuing our beer, your experience and encouraging you to truly taste our craft. If you can’t decide which beers to sample, go ahead and order a flight or ask any of our knowledgeable servers for their recommendation based on your preferences!

Can I take your beer to go?

In accordance with Mexican law and our license, we do not offer beer or any alcoholic drink in to-go cups. If you’re looking to enjoy our beer outside of Monzón we have a limited selection of 473ml (16oz) canned beers available, or you can purchase or fill a growler with any of the beers we currently have on tap.

I love your beer but want to save money on my drinking hobby. What promotions do you offer?

Thanks, we are so happy you like what we’re making! We totally understanding being budget conscious, which is why we have designed a few programs that will help you save some dinero while enjoying our high quality brews.

  • Storm Chasers Pint Club. Find out more here.
  • When it Rains, We Pour: Follow us on social media when it is raining to see when we start this promotion! 25% off all sizes of Monzón beer for two hours after we announce the promotion has started.
  • Keg the Kick: Follow us on social media to see when we put kegs on at 50% off to clear up tanks for new brews.

Do you have happy hour?

We take pride in serving high quality drinks at a fair price, all day, every day. Our normal beer prices range from $55 for a 355ml (12oz) pour to $105 for a 591ml (20oz) pour. We price our beers based on a variety of factors, including the cost of the ingredients that go into each brew, the ABV, and our cost of production.  Each price has been calculated to give the best price possible while still allowing us to have sustainable and ethical business practices.

Do you have a bar?

We know not everyone likes beer but we want to make sure even non-beer drinkers are happy at Monzón. We have an very small bar that offers a limited selection of brands of hard liquor, house wine, and fresh made cocktails. We also carry Buhó sodas and make agua fresca for anyone who wants a non-alcoholic option. Filtered water is provided free to every customer when they sit down.

Why don’t you serve Coca-Cola or Pepsi Products?

Artisanal is at the heart of everything we do at Monzón: from our beer, to our decor, to our cocktails, everything is crafted with care using the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible. We are thrilled to be working with  Mexican Soda Buhó, a company that uses only fresh, natural ingredients to bring you a delicious soda experience. We currently carry Kola, Mango-Passionfruit, and Orange.

Who did the mural on the wall behind the tanks?

The wonderfully talented Adrian Takano finished painting our mural in five days. We loved working with Adrian so much we asked him to do even more artwork for us, and we looking forward to continuing to work with this amazing local artist in the future!

Who designed your logo?

Sometimes talent runs in a family and we are lucky that Reid’s sister, Stacy Dalton, is a fantastic graphic designer. She worked with us to create our logo, and even hand drew the cloud design. Find more of her amazing designs on her website.

I know a great non profit you should support. How can that organization be a part of Drops in the Bucket?

Fantastic! We love hearing about different organizations we should support. Shoot us an email at


Have more burning questions? We love to hear from you! Write to us at