Comedor Comunitario

17 weeks, 3800 hot meals 

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this effort: the financial donors, the bakers, those who donated containers, and our incredible volunteers. We are stronger together and so grateful we were able to help.

Every year millions of people visit our beautiful paradise of Puerto Vallarta. When the global pandemic COVID-19 began to hit Mexico, we faced business closures and a massive drop in tourism. We saw our neighbors struggling, and the difficult reality is that many were having to make difficult decisions to try to keep themselves and their families fed.

We saw a way we could help: offer a free, hot meal, no questions asked, every Sunday. For 17 weeks we handed out 3800 meals until we had to stop in Mid-August to refocus on running Monzón to make sure we are in business for the next global pandemic.

To everyone who helped us, we are so grateful. Our community is so grateful. We are no longer taking donations but encourage anyone who would like to donate to supporting Vallarta during this difficult time to consider contributing to work of Angel Yoga/Kitchen Nacho Daddy, The Vallarta Food Bank, Sandee’s Project who are supplying meals and dog/cat food to our neighbors.



Thank you to everyone who has donated and volunteered. We are stronger together <3

Ken M.

Dave and Kristen P.

Tricia and Mike L.

Jim and Theresa G.

Mike and Carmen

Jim and Jan D.

Bill C.

Bob and Mary L.

Dawn and Dave (and Henley)

Glenda B.

John and Krissy L.

Todd and Patty

Sammy Q.

Tamara, Ambria and Victoria

Lynne C.

BMC Communications

Teddy and Brischa

Mandy W.

Steven H.

Steven C.

Nicole C.

Jon L.

Terry T.

Leslie M.

Sam B.

Jenny T.

Peter and Shirley

Emily B.

Mellissa R.

Jeremy and Henry

Susan C.

Bill J.

Kim A.

Ron and Andrea

Alida and Ronald

Eric W.

Steven C.

Mark S.

Karen P.

Aaron and Jen

MindRoads Enterprises

Paul and Davey

Karen P.

Anne and Mike A.

Carla A.

Steve B.

Traci H.

Pat and Bob B.

Marc M.

Courtney and Andy W.

Jerry and Kari V.

Steven U.

Juri L.

Evan and Linda S.

David C.

Sheri and Gary

Tom R.

Rachel and Memo

Kristie D.

Anne M.

Shayne W.

Bill R.

Debra P.

Jenny T.

Kevin and Inge

Dee T.

Carolyn S.

Caleb T.

Shannon M.

Neil and Susy

Don P.

Ron and Andrea

Sharon T and Phillip M.

James D.

Julie L.

Belinda A.

O-Town Boys

MD Martin

Susan L.

Charles E Merrill

iTroppy and AJ

Linda and Rafa

Laura M.

Judy and Larry

Paul and Lorna C.

Ted and Terry

Dave and Stephanie

John Diduck

Peter and Shirley

Mike I.

Patrik S.

Felix D.

Michael Z.

Sally W.

Carmen, Clarence and Ethan

Nancy and Lee

Megan S.

Sean and Treasure

Joe and Doug

Douglas B.

Jamie M.

Bill and Barb

Craig H.

Francine M.

Leslie M.


Deborah C.

Lisa C.

Pat R.

Brad and Leanne

Kevin W.

Selwyn H.

Dominic, Christine and Mila

Jim C.

Edgar S.

Laura B.


Emilie S


April 26th 

Picadillo, rice, beans, tortillas: approx. 55 people, $1322

Other items, $112: Burners for hotel trays $112

May 3rd

Shredded chicken, veggies, pasta, red sauce, garlic bread, lentil and veggie soup: Approx. 90 people, $1624.61

Other items, $492: Biodegradable cups and bowls $180, Burners for hotel trays $112, Masks to give to people who don’t have them $200

May 10th

Pierna, rice, beans, tortillas, salsa mexicana, lentil soup, approx. 110 people $2,862.77

Other items, $852: gloves for volunteers $475, water bottles $130, biodegradable cups/spoons $135, burners for hotel trays $112

May 17th

Chicken chili with poblanos and corn, rice, tortilla chips, fresh onion, serrano peppers, limes, and cilantro, 152 people: $3275.17

Other items $764.45: bottled water $390, biodegradable cups/spoons $200.45, burners for hotel trays $174

May 24th

Pork ribs with zucchini in salsa verde, rice, beans, tortillas, lentil and veggie soup, 178 people: $3798.49

Other items $1032.15: Water $258, Cups $290.15, burners for hotel trays $164, Containers $120, Masks $200 

May 31st

Red sauce pasta with chicken, chickpeas, vegetables, rolls, and lentil soup, 243 people, $5746.35

Other items $485.75: Water $321.75, burners for hotel trays $164

Pots/Storage containers for food: $2664

June 7th

Guisado de bistec (beef stew with poblanos, potatoes, peas and carrots), rice, beans, veggie pasta soup, desserts, 268 people $5109.52

Other items $1001.76, waters $193.05, cups $307.79, spoons $149.04, plates $351.88

June 14th

Pork ribs with nopal and potatoes in red salsa, rice, beans, desserts, veggie soup with garbanzo beans, 235 people $5116.97

Other items $421.4: Waters $257.4, Burners $164

June 21st

Ribs with zuchinni in salsa verde, rice, beans, desserts, lentil and pasta veggie soup, 228 people $4928.24

Other Items $985.4: waters $257.4, Burners $104, Spoons $149, Gloves $475





June 28th

237 people, $4749.80: chicken with veggies in salsa roja, rice, beans, lentil and veggie soup, desserts

Other supplies $1230.11: plates $351.88, spoons $149.04, waters $257.4, cups $307.79, burners $164

July 5th

254 people, $5621.26: Pork ribs in salsa verde, rice, beans, pasta veggie lentil soup, desserts

Other supplies $725.91: Burners for hotel trays $164, waters $254.12, cups $307.79

 July 12th

336 people, $6472.05: Picadillo, rice, beans, tortillas, lentil veggie pasta soup, tortillas, desserts

Other supplies $1254.74: waters $282.03, cups $307.79, spoons $149.04, plates $351.88, burners for hotel trays $164


July 12th

336 people: picadillo, rice, beans, tortillas, lentil and veggie soup, desserts, $7766.56

Other supplies $1252.74: waters, cups, plates, spoons, hotel trays

July 19th

308 people: Ribs and potatoes in a red salsa, rice, beans, tortillas, lentil and veggie soup, desserts, $7235.56

Other supplies, $969.48: waters, burners, plates, cups, spoons

July 26th

313 people: Ribs and veggies in a red salsa, rice, beans, tortillas, lentil and veggie soup, desserts, $7763.16

Other supplies, $1884.52: Gloves, masks, burners, waters, cups, spoons, plates

August 2nd – Tribute to Neil 

Note: Neil was a Storm Chaser Pint Club member and regular at Monzón who passed away from COVID-19 in July 2020. His friends and family donated to the community kitchen in his honor, and we cooked Carne En Se Jugo, a hearty soup that Neil enjoyed. Neil was a generous, kind, humous man who is deeply missed and we are honored to celebrate his memory in this way.

287 people: chicken and potatoes in salsa verde, rice, beans, tortillas, carne en su jugo, desserts: $11887.5

Other supplies $1252.74: waters, cups, plates, spoons, burners for hotel trays

August 9th

237 people: beef and veggies, rice, beans, tortillas, bacon and lentil soup, desserts: $7161.38

Other supplies $1252.74: waters, cups, plates, spoons, burners for hotel trays

August 16th

269 people: pierna with potatoes and poblanos, rice, beans, tortillas, bacon and lentil soup, desserts: $7365.74

Other supplies: $530.9: waters, spoons, cups, burners