Monzón and the Community

At Monzón we are committed to bringing you high quality beer, but that is not our only goal. We also care deeply for community and believe it is our responsibility to give back to the city we love. From monthly fundraisers for a variety of non-profits to using green and sustainble practices as much as possible, we strive to think beyond our own walls in everything that we do. Want to join us in supporting beautiful Puerto Vallarta? That’s easy, you just have to start with a beer. Salud!

Some of the ways in which we strive to think beyond our own walls:

  • Monthly give back to non-profits through Drops in a Bucket
  • Use of grains grown with renewable energy, when possible
  • Cooking and brewing with local ingredients, when possible
  • Giving spent grain from brewing to farmers
  • Using a clean in place system to preserve as much water as possible
  • Free filtered water at every table to eliminate use of plastic bottles in our brewery
  • Using coffee grounds as fertilizer for plants
  • Only LED lights
  • Use of biodegradable soaps and cleaning products, when possible
  • Reusable cloth napkins and coasters

As we continue to grow we will look for further ways to reduce our impact on the environment and our community. Goals include instituting a compost system for food scraps and waste, sponsoring beach clean ups, and installing solar panels. Have ideas for how we could be doing better? Let us know! Email