What’s on Tap Today?

Amapas Ámbar Dark Amber Ale 5.6%ABV, 26 IBU, 24.4 SRM

This robust and rich beer is brewed in American style and dark in color. A malt forward brew that boasts a strong body and prominent carmael malt flavor, subtle roast malt notes and a mild citrus hop profile.

Alt-Ternative Facts Alt Bier 4.5% ABV, 25 IBU, 22 SRM

Alt bier, or Old Beer, uses a centuries old German method of fermenting a brew at ale temperatures and then dropping the temperatures to lager it. This method creates a beer that is slightly sweet, smooth, malty, and mildly bitter. Very approachable for those new to craft beer.

Cálmate Kölsch

Summer heat got you hot and bothered? Calm yourself wth this smooth, light, refreshing ale-lager hybrid. Brewed in German style, the hand turned Bohemian Pilsner malt shines through sweet and straw colored. The kölsch style is reminiscent of a lager with a sweet taste and slight malty aroma. Perfect for beginning craft beer drinkers and overheated experts alike. 

Maybe Mañana Salted Chocolate Imperial Stout 8.5% ABV, 53 IBU, 52.8 SRM

This was our first brew when we thought we would open “maybe mañana.” Many mañanas went without opening yet we were comforted by this strong and creamy stout. Dark roasted malts lend distinct chocolate and coffee flavors and a deep color. Salt added at the end of the boil adds a mellow and interesting complexity to the sweetness of the chocolate.

 Lupita IPA 7.2% ABV, 62 IBU, 5.5 SRM

 Assertively bitter and hop forward, Lupita will deliver everything you love about IPAs with an ABV lower than its sister beer Cabeza de Cono. With hop flavors of pineapple, cherry and tropical fruit, this IPA is perfect to drink in our beautiful paradise of Puerto Vallarta.

Oh Snap! Gingerbread Spiced Holiday Ale

The tradition of decorating gingerbread houses started in Germany so it only made sense to create a full-bodied ale infused with gingerbread flavors. Notes of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger are supported by the malt-forward taste of biscuit and honey. Icing and gumdrops not included!

Coming Soon: Saison

The saison style of brewing originated in Belguim as a light beer that farm workers enjoyed throughout the day.

Coming Soon: Session IPA

For the hop-heads who love a refreshing and bitter hoppy note alongside a lower ABV, our session IPA is packed with flavors with an alcohol level you can enjoy all day long.