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We try to keep this page as updated as possible… but we’re only human and sometimes beers come out faster than we can get online. As of 1.12.2022, this is what we are pouring. If you’re curious if anything has changed since then please feel free to contact us. 

Beer on tap – SIZES!: 322ml (11oz)/473ml (16oz)/591ml (20oz)* Only for Storm Chasers pint club members/1.7L pitchers

Taster (148ml) $40, Flight (Taster x 4) $160

Beer to go! 

473ml can: Same price as 473ml pint, 10% off any six pack, 15% off any case of 24

1L Caguama: $125 new, Refill = Half price of pitcher

1.89L Growler: $420 new (includes fill of your choice), Refill = pitcher price

Ginger Beer    ***solo 473ml, $55***

Gluten free, zero alcohol, made with all natural and locally sourced ingredients

Atlántico          $60/70/220

Lager Mexicana, 5.3% Alc Vol, 19 IBU, 2.8 SRM

Our version of the perfect beach beer. This lager is nothing like it’s macro-counterparts. Light, crisp and easy drinking with a malty corn-sweetness, a mild bitterness and smooth finish. Pairs perfectly with sunshine, pool days and the beach. Also, not bad fresh off the tap at the brewery. 

White Noise           $65/75/230

Hefeweizen, 5.2% ABV, 11 IBU, 3.5 SRM

Intentionally a soft hum in the background: approachable, not offensive in the slightest, and easily overlooked. A classic German pint that boasts a cloudy appearance and is full of malt wheat flavor, deliciously balanced with subtle fruity yeast notes, very mild bitterness, and the slightest hint of fresh mandarin orange peels. It’s a clean, crisp, classic beer that is as predictable as White Noise.

Zum Wohl          $65/75/230

Schwarzbier, 5.4% ABV, 28 IBU, 24 SRM

This Schwarzbier was cold fermented for weeks which allows the yeast to develop smooth, delicate flavors that pair perfectly with the roast malt profile while maintaining the clean, crisp characteristics of a lager. Light body, medium dryness, and zero harsh or overly bitter notes make this beer extremely drinkable yet flavorful, a perfect pint for raising a glass to Zum Wohl (good health).

1842          $70/80/250

Dry Hopped Pilsner, 5.2% Alc. Vol, 36 IBU, 3.2 SRM

Classic, easy drinking pilsners were first tapped in 1842 but we’ve brought our pilsner into the 21st century with a dry hop addition. The result is a light-colored pint of crisp, sweet malt flavors and mild bitterness made exclusively from German hops, malts and yeast. Saphir, Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon hops give a perfect marriage of traditional earthy-herbal flavor and light tangerine fruit notes with just a hint of lemon grass.

¡Viva La Vida!           $70/80/250

Watermelon Blonde Ale, 4.8% Alc. Vol, 22 IBU, 3.6 SRM

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting by the same name, this blonde ale is the perfect canvas for an infusion of fresh fruit flavor from over 100 kilos of local watermelon. Light bitterness and malt character provide a clean backing while allowing the watermelon shine. But don’t worry, it’s still a beer at heart. So grab a pint or two and ¡Viva La Vida!

Passion Fruit Verano           $65/75/230

Saison with Passion Fruit, 6.8% Alc. Vol, 25 IBU, 5.5 SRM

Fresh passion fruit adds a delicate tart yet sweet infusion to the flavors of cherry, peach, and slight pepperiness from the saison. Don’t let the smoothness of this full flavored style trick you, it packs a powerful alcoholic punch. Tropical, refreshing, and a great choice on a warm day.

Half Baked      $80/90/275

Pastry Sour Imperial c/zarzamora, duranzo, vanilla, 7.2% ABV, 11 IBU, 6 SRM

Summer is in full swing and fruit is abundant as juicy peaches bend branches and blackberry picking is a perfect way to while away an afternoon. Or, you can just reach for this delicious summer-y pint and leave the hard work of fruit picking for another time. Inspired by one of our favorite summer treats, we loaded this Pastry Imperial Sour with hundreds of pounds of blackberry and peach and then a touch of organic Mexican vanilla. It’s sour, it’s sweet, and it might even rival grandma’s cobbler.

Lupita     $80/90/275

West Coast IPA, 7.2% Alc. Vol, 79 IBU, 4.6 SRM

Lupita is a West Coast style IPA as hop-forward as Lupa, our co-founders jumpy street rescue-pup it was named after. Mosaic, El Dorado and Citra hops shine with juicy flavors of pineapple, cherry and mango supported by a medium bitterness. This refreshing, crisp IPA is perfect to drink in our tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta.

Vaquero Electrico     $90/100/295

Double IPA, 8.5% Alc. Vol, 50 IBU, 5.0 SRM

Inspired by a local Vallarta cowboy who defends the underdog, this double IPA will give you an electric buzz. Heavily hopped and bursting with juicy citrus, tropical, and coconut hop flavors from 7 different hops supported by moderate bitterness. At 8.5% Alc don’t blame us if you start to feel like a cowboy after crushing a couple of these pints, yee-haw!

MacLaren’s      $75/85/250   

Wee Heavy Scottish Ale,  7.1% Alc. Vol, 22 IBU, 18 SRM

In honor of co-founder Miranda’s maiden name, this pint is great for raising a glass to family. Malt forward, mildly bitter, red brown color, this is  a robust ale with a sweet roasted caramel profile supported by chocolate-raisin malt flavor. Wee-heavy in ABV, it’s smooth yet drinkable and sure to lift your spirits.

Suave(na)       $70/80/250   

Oatmeal Stout, 5.9% Alc. Vol, 31 IBU, 24 SRM

Deliberately on the light side in both body and color but packed full of malty notes of coffee, chocolate and a mild nuttiness. This smooth oatmeal stout ticks all the boxes you’re looking for in a delicious stout but without being too heavy. We started out with loads of roasty specialty malts and then added oats to smooth out the body and round out the flavors with a creamy sweetness. Truly a stout to send summer off in style.