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We try to keep this page as updated as possible… but we’re only human and sometimes beers come out faster than we can get online. As of 24-06-2021, this is what we are pouring. If you’re curious if anything has changed since then please feel free to contact us. 

Beer on tap – SIZES!: 355ml (12oz)/473ml (16oz)/591ml (20oz)/1.7L pitchers

*****Flights and tasters are currently extremely limited because of a nation-wide glass shortage due to manufacturing and importation being impacted by COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and hope we are able to get more glasses shipped to us soon, please ask our friendly and knowledgable servers and view the descriptors below to get to know our beer better!*****

Taster (148ml) $30, Flight (Taster x 5) $145

Beer to go! 

473ml can: Same price as 473ml pint, 10% off any six pack, 15% off any case of 24

1L Caguama: $125 new, Refill = Half price of pitcher

1.89L Growler: $420 new (includes fill of your choice), Refill = pitcher price

Atlántico   * only available in 473ml cans, $65 *

Mexican Lager, 5.3% Alc. Vol, 19 IBU, 2.7 SRM

Our version of the perfect beach town beer. This lager is nothing like it’s macro-counterparts. Light, crisp and easy drinking with a malty corn-sweetness, a mild bitterness and smooth finish. Pairs perfectly with sunshine, pool days and the beach. Also, not bad fresh off the tap at the brewery.

White Noise    $55/65/80/200

Hefeweizen, 4.9% Alc. Vol, 12 IBU, 3.4 SRM

White Noise is intentionally a soft hum in the background: approachable, not offensive in the slightest, and easily overlooked. Classic German style hefeweizen with a cloudy appearance full of malted wheat flavor, deliciously balanced with subtle yeast fruit notes, very mild bitterness, and a hint of fresh mandarin orange peels. Clean, crisp, classic beer that is as predictable as White Noise.

Pivot        $65/75/90/230

Watermelon Sour, 4.7% Alc. Vol, 8 IBU, 2.7 SRM

2020 and 2021 have been a roller coaster. When we’re having a bad day, we turn to sweet, cold beer to help us lick our wounds and Pivot. And a sour that is complex yet approachable and takes your tastes buds on a roller coaster of their own is exactly the drink we need right now. Infused with 115kg of locally grown fresh watermelon, this low alcohol sour is bursting with flavors of summer fruit with a tangy, tart sour finish. Lactose adds a subtle creaminess and medium body, resulting in a pint that is sharp, acidic, fruity, and super crushable- kind of like watermelon jolly ranchers, but better because alcohol. We need alcohol to keep tackling this year.

Verano Sin Fin       $55/65/80/200

Saison 6.8% Alc. Vol, 25 IBU, 2.5 SRM

It’s hot outside and the perfect weather for a craft pint. This saison has characters of ripe stone fruits like peach and cherry and a subtle peppery yeast profile. Don’t let the smoothness of this full flavored style trick you, it packs a powerful alcoholic punch. Perfect for toasting a summer without end!

All Together        $80/90/110/275

Hazy IPA, 6.9% Alc. Vol, 26 IBU, 4.6 SRM.

Originally on tap in 2020, we brewed a new version for the this year. This version is hazy and dank, bursting with huge fruity aromas and flavors of mango, orange rind, and passionfruit. A medium body and smooth creamy finish round out this juicy NEIPA. Part of a world-wide collab started by Other Half Brewing, for every pint sold we’re donating a portion of proceeds to support our friends at The Vallarta Food Bank who do so much to support those who are struggling in our community. So go ahead, drink up, and enjoy a pint that tastes good and does good, too! 

Lupita     $70/80/95/250

West Coast IPA, 7.2% Alc. Vol, 79 IBU, 4.6 SRM

Lupita is a West Coast style IPA as hop-forward as Lupa, our jumpy street rescue it was named after. Mosaic, El Dorado and Citra hops shine with juicy flavors of pineapple, cherry and mango supported by a medium bitterness. This refreshing, crisp IPA is perfect to drink in our tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta. 

Idle Hands     $70/80/95/250

Hazy IPA, 6.0% Alc. Vol, 35 IBU, 4.3 SRM

Since we’ve had some extra time on our hands, our brewers took a newly named hop called Talus and blended it with Idaho 7, Simcoe and Amarillo. At first sip, this full bodied hazy beer hits you with pungent pink grapefruit, citrus juice and orange peel rind. Then the subtle floral flavors of dried rose petals and pine resin followed by a moderate but super approachable bitterness finishes off to another hit of lingering pithy citrus. Idle hands may do the devils work but this new IPA is nothing but sublime – just don’t blame us if you get up to your own mischief after a couple pints!

MacLaren’s     $65/75/90/230

Scottish Wee Heavy, 6.6% Alc. Vol, 23 IBU, 16 SRM

As tribute to co-founder Miranda’s roots and in her maiden name, we brewed a strong Scottish ale. Malt forward, mildly bitter, and a red brown color, this robust ale has a sweet roasted caramel profile and chocolate-raisin flavor. Wee heavy in ABV, the smooth alcoholic bite is totally drinkable and great for raising a glass to family.

Adelitas     $70/80/95/250

Café de Olla Stout, 6.8% Alc. Vol, 56 IBU, 43 SRM

We’ve taken coffee grown here in the bay-framing Sierra Madres, roasted by our friends @cafeoroverdepv, and steeped it along with fresh Indian cinnamon bark and Mexican vanilla. The robust coffee notes are perfectly balanced by a subtle sweetness, finishing with a round dark chocolate taste. It’s the kind of pint to celebrate brave women in history, like the Adelitas who bravely fought in the Mexican Revolution but are not always recognized for the important role they played in Mexican history. Strong women, we raise a pint to you!