Bar and Home Merchandise




It would be awesome if you could visit Monzón everyday. Imagine, sipping your favorite beer every afternoon from a perfectly chilled beer glass etched with the Monzón logo. You bast in the comfortable ambiance while your favorite dish is served made to order. Friends join and together you share a pitcher and laughs. Life is good in Puerto Vallarta at Monzón Brewing Co!

Chances this is not your life everyday (and if it is then you are one lucky duck!). Even if you can’t live everyday at Monzón, we have made it possible to enjoy our beer everyday from the comfort of your own house, from your own couch, watching your favorite show on your own TV. From glasses to growlers, to limited edition six packs, Monzón wants to help you create your perfect bar experience at home. 


Available in the taproom: stickers, koozies, growlers (empty or filled), 16oz glasses, 16oz cans (styles available varies)