You want your beer to taste good. You want a place where you can hang out with your friends. You want to find fun places on vacation that you can visit year after year. And sometimes, you want cool clothes, to boot. We know, because that’s what we want too. At Monzón, we work hard to bring you all these things, in one place.

Hey Good Lookin’ ! We’ve got news for you. You can now buy Official Monzón Merch delivered to your door through Amazon. It’s the easiest way to get expanded sizes and styles outside of our brewpub.

Logo, Black Outline:

Lupita IPA:

Bottle with Grains and Hops: 

“I’d Tap That” Keg:

Octopus with Pint Glass:

Fermentation Tank with Philosophy, in Spanish:

“I Like My Water with Barley and Hops”:

Monzón Brewing Co. with Grains and Hops:

Logo with Grains:

Think Vallarta, Drink Vallarta: 

Seahorse Cheers: